Thursday, May 27, 2010

Off to Apollo Bay!

Well, I'm off to Apollo Bay tomorrow with Loz, Pete and Bec (my 3 best friends from beauty college). We've been friends since 1992 (nearly 20 years!!). How time flies hey? Here's a pic of us at Peta's wedding last October. I've put the photo in my Romance frame from the January New Products release cause I cherish our friendship very much.
We've been going on our Girls Weekends for the last 4 years (we missed one year cause I was still feeding Caitlyn - sorry girls!) and its a fantastic opportunity to get together cause we all live in different parts of Victoria with Pete & I being the closest within 20 minutes of each other. Amazingly, we still don't see much of each other because of work and family so it's fantastic to be able to get away and have a really good catch up and relax away from our everyday lives. It's Pete's birthday today so we'll have all the more reason to celebrate during our time away!! Happy Birthday Petey!!

 I really love and appreciate all of these girls (well, women really). We have lots of laughs together and they are there in good times and bad for me and each other.
Cheers to a great weekend away and singing our lungs out to Singstar! Thank goodness we're staying at a semi remote place so the neighbours will be able to sleep after hearing my singing!! I wasn't exactly born with a great voice but it'll be a lot of fun anyway... Thanks Mariana for letting us stay at the Barn!

Back with more next week when I'm feeling tonnes more relaxed and revived!!! A huge thanks to my wonderful husband for all that he does and not ever complaining about all my craft mess or me escaping to have 'me/craft' time with my friends. I don't know if he realises how much he (and all he does) means to me but I love him to bits and our girls are so lucky to have him as their daddy!

Till next week, have a great weekend...

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