Monday, September 20, 2010

The Bellish! Ezy Press is here!!

I have just ordered my Bellish! Ezy Press and I can't wait to have a play!
Check it out on You Tube :  

  How exciting!! I am having a FREE Make and Take New Products Demonstration at my place on Sunday October 3rd from 1.30 pm to show you some of the wonderful new products Kaszazz has to offer you. There will be a prize Draw for the Mystery Host on the day as well as a lucky door prize and other prizes on the day also.
 So come along and have some Creative Fun with Friends!!

Here are a couple of layouts I did to show at Team Training Day yesterday.

 I am considering whether I should write these up as workshops, so if you'd like to create these layouts for yourself, contact me and I will write them up and test them to submit to Kaszazz.
Unfortunately I couldn't be at Team Training yesterday as my youngest daughter turned 1, so we had a beautiful birthday party for her with lots of food, family, friends and fun! Here's a pic of her cake which my mum lovingly decorated for my little angel, Bella :o) Here's a pic of her in the 16 month calendar I made for my hubby's birthday last week...
That's all for now, more later! Stay tuned! Thanks very much for visiting!


Joanne said...

Congratulations Fiona, your creations have been featured on Kaszazz Blog Finds for 24th Sept 2010.

You can see our post here.


P.S. I love both of your layouts and hope you submit them both. I look forward to seeing them as a workshop.

Fi said...

Thanks heaps, Joanne! Off to write them up now. Have a had someone say they would test the pink layout. Anyone want to test the vintage rose one? If you do, let me know and I can email the instructions to you when I've written them up!


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