Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shabby Chic Rose and Embossed Butterfly Card

Hi again! This is my 2nd post for the day- I'm on a roll! Wanted to share a card featuring a paper rose, a quilled flower and a custom embossed background. The paper rose was created using the technique used in this tutorial (which isn't the one I originally learned from because I can't remember which one I watched! There's heaps of tutorials for these roses on YouTube!) The custom embossing folder tutorial can be seen on Simone's Blog along with heaps of other great tutorials on how to do several other techniques using the Ezy Press. Her projects are awesome and she's a gem for sharing!! I'm going to make all of the projects she features to show to my friends and customers. There are also a few other Kaszazz consultants who have done YouTube tutorials featuring the Ezy Press - great job Danielle, Belinda, Erika, Jasmine and Vivienne- I really love watching all their videos and getting some great new ideas!
This card is for my Nana who is in hospital at the moment. Nan is 94 and until now has been really well & really independent. I hope she gets better soon - it seems her years may have caught up with her. We all love her and hope she gets to go home soon .
Will go because my little ones need some attention,


SIMONE said...

Thanks for the write up Fiona. I am pleased that you enjoyed my tutorials. Love the card by the way :-) Sorry to hear about your Nan though:-(

Fi said...

No problem Simone! You're very inspiring! Thanks for your thoughts regarding Nan - she's going to be staying at a high care Nursing home when she leaves hospital cause she's not seeing very well and won't be able to cope on her own now. She's done well to get to 94 and only need extra care now. She's in my thoughts and prayers always :o)


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