Sunday, April 17, 2011

My List of Fours

I'm so thankful to the lovely Tania who tagged me in the List of Fours and invited me to play too. Hope you find this interesting - I know I did!!!

Here are a few things you may not know ...

Four Shows you Watch!
1. Neighbours
2. The Biggest Loser
3. Escape to the Country
4. So You Think You Can Dance

Four things you are Passionate about!
1. My Family & friends
2. My Kaszazz Business
3. Crafting especially card making and scrap booking
4. Running

Four words/phrases you say alot!
1. Come on, we're running late
2. Awesome!
3. There's not enough hours in a day ...
4. I'm tired too! (after hearing my 4 year old complain that she's tired - usually when she doesn't want to do what she's asked to)

Four things you have learnt about the past!
1. What happened in the past probably happened for a good reason, sometimes you can't see that until a lesson is learnt!
2. There's not much point in having regrets.
3. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger.
4. It's all part of the journey! Make it count! Life is short - enjoy it!

Four places you would like to go!
1. Canada & Alaska
2. Perth
3. Queensland to do the theme parks with my family
4. New Zealand

Four things you did yesterday!
1. Visited friends we haven't seen for ages - it was great to catch up.
2. Made some cards with some new paper scraps and satin ribbon
3. Had a visit from my mum and dad.
4. Booked in to May TTD in Sunbury!

Four things you are looking forward to!
1. Girls weekend away in Gembrook with 3 of my best friends
2. A good run with my great friend Bec
3. My Birthday and Mothers Day in the same week.
4. Seeing more new products at May TTD.

Four things you love about spring!
1. Great weather to run/walk in.
2. Sunshine
3. Baby animals - lambs and calves especially
4. My youngest daughter's birthday

Now 4 people to tag along!

- although we don't really know each other very well, I really admire her projects and am inspired by her achievements as a crafter and Kaszazz Consultant.

Naomi - I have always found Naomi to be really inspiring in her life as a mother to two and in her crafting pursuits.

Simone - whose You Tube videos have also been an inspiration to me and I'm sure many other consultants, great stuff, Simone!

and Grace another lovely Kaszazz consultant, who's blog is very eye catching & is the 'go-to' woman for all your blinky/sparkly bits and pieces on your blog! So grateful for her help with my Blog face lift - awesome!!

Go and leave some love for all these wonderful ladies after you get to know some more about these interesting and very talented women!

New pics of some cards soon,
Been making cards with my scraps again!!!

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