Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Happy & Low-Key Birthday!

Hi there!
It was my birthday on Wednesday this last week so 'Happy Bird-y to Me!' heehee :o)
My great friend, Corie, made this card for me and gave it to me along with a gorgeous leopard print scarf to keep me warm and stylish for winter and a yummy Pink Lady chocolate heart (which I've already eaten- I think I love chocolate a little too much sometimes)!! Thanks Corie! You Rock!!!
I got many other wonderful gifts from my hubby & my girls and my friends - some new runners, a butterfly candle holder, a book about what mummy's like called "Wine Makes Mummy Clever"! -a very funny little book - I read it and was almost in tears from laughing so much by the end of it! Just what I needed to lighten up my day to enjoy dinner at a new Japanese restaurant in Ballarat called Kambei - beautiful Sashimi!!! Just what I'd been hanging out for!!!
Another great friend, Lisa gave me this beautiful butterfly necklace which I wore out for dinner to celebrate! Lisa also made the little purse - I have some VERY talented friends indeed!! - can anyone tell that I love butterflies, do you think? I THINK I've mentioned it before :o) Lol...

Anyhoo, gotta go and finish off a workshop sample I did yesterday at TTD - more about that a bit later. See you in a little while!...

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