Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Parrot named Bella!!

G'day again! 
A quick share this time of my youngest daughter in her parrot costume quickly put together on the morning of a friend's 5th Birthday Pirate Party. I had some craft feathers in the girls craft box which I sewed to the back of a red hoodie for the tail and wings. I cut white ovals from cardstock and punched black circles with the Super Circle Punch then attached them to the hood with 24mm Super Tape. The beak was made with 2 triangles of Graphite SB Essentials cardstock stuck together at the centre, then adhered to the front edge of the hood with the 24mm Super Tape. Sorry, Photos aren't terrific but you get the idea, right?!?

 What a cute little Parrot!!! I thought it was very fitting that she was a parrot as she is at the age where she copies everything you say in her own little cute way!
The little treasure chest I created for the loot boxes to give to all the kids after the party. They were filled with gold chocolate coins and other yummy lollies. Bec & I made 19 of these in the week leading up to the party. The lock part was a stamp from the Love & Cherish Stamp Set. The box part was an easy pattern I had altered the size and added a flap to make the lid. I then cut circles with my Ezy Press and a 2" die (which I cut in half) to adhere to the fringed sides of the lid to create the dome of the chest. If you want instructions for this little treasure, please email or call me. The top image is what they looked like - Oatmeal Card swiped with Chestnut Roan Fluid Chalk Ink for the wood grain affect. The locks had Tarnished Brass Distress Stickles added to give them a semi aged look (like in the bottom image).

My girls had an awesome time at the Pizza eating Pirate Party! They coloured in their own parrots then played Pin the Parrot on the Pirate, had a Treasure Hunt, made homemade mini Pizzas which they ate for tea then ate ice cream Volcano cake for dessert. What a blast!!

Till later

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