Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm Back!

Hi there!
I'm back to the blogging world! Lots of things have been happening in the Kaszazz world and my personal life so please forgive my being M.I.A for so long. We are at the very tail end of extending our home - we now have 4 bedrooms and a craft room/study plus 2 large (1 huge!) family living room. It's fantastic and I finally have my craft room back!! Woohoo!!
Here's a couple - ok...a few : o) - pics of my craft cupboard - I had the builders put a shelf in the wardrobe in the study to become my craft space. I love it!
 My craft cupboard incognito!
Ta-daaaa!Stamps in Scraponizers on top shelf as well as SB Paper & 12x12 card. Shoe hanger on right door holds all my punches. Jewellery hanger on left door holds my paint dabbers, Smooch paint, Twine and Masking Tape. Rollagraph wheels and ribbons hanging on trouser hangers above my desk. Distress Stains and adhesives on tiered cakestand on desk which is sitting on a cheap lazy susan I got at Sam's Warehouse for $5 (with 3 pizza cutting tools). Shelves for Distress and other inks made from soap boxes - Thanks Mum for saving them for me xo.  I will post in more detail about those later - I am in the process of tweaking those shelves with masking tape to make them a little more sturdy and better looking.
 My Spritzing and Ezy Press stations....
 So, it's a work in progress still. Will need to work in it for a while to see how functional all my placement is and also TRY to keep it tidy!!!! I know - that's the hard bit!!

The now huge (well...compared to what it used to be!) Living/Dining room. You can see where the old wall near the eyelet tab curtain has been opened up to. The old deck and pergola used to be where the extended living room is now and the new deck is outside on the otherside of the curtain. There's still lots to do outside so I'll share photos of that when it's done. Just have to wait for better weather since it's the middle of winter here now (& currently pouring with rain). Sorry, photos were taken on my phone so not best quality. You get the idea, right?

Anyhow, stay tuned. Next post will be all about what's news with Kaszazz!
Cheers and thanks for stopping by :o)

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